Thoughts from writers after their WriteSpace Retreat –

“It was a great experience for me to have a supportive environment and the ‘social contract’ to write. A couple of times during the day I would have got up and said, ‘I’ve done enough’, but the fact that there are other writers there and you have committed to being there made me push through into different territory.”

Bec Dempsey, winner of the Oliver Lane sponsored place, shared her September experience on her blog – A room right with WriteSpace

“Well organised – you’ve thought of every detail so we don’t have to do anything while we write.” Janey Runci

“Jen gives you the gift of time and space. I didn’t write much, but I researched a funding application, read submission guidelines for competitions and journals, set up a system for recording deadlines, word limits and fees, and got my writing admin in order. Without that day to get everything set up, I’d still be stuck at square one. Instead, since the retreat I’ve had a pitch accepted for publication and sent off a funding application.”

“Being around others who were also attending to the hard slog of writing was very motivating. I was more productive than I’ve ever been on a Sunday!”  Ally Scale

“Last Sunday I had the pleasure of spending an entire day in a sun-drenched room with five other writers. We took over two desks each and something about the presence of writers all set to the task helped to keep me focused. At home, I get distracted. At home, I find myself pulled by the lure of other people, technology and the call of the kitchen.
Jen had prepared plenty of food, including hot Moroccan pumpkin soup and a variety of sandwiches and nibbles, which she offered unobtrusively throughout the day. From 9.30 to 5.00 pm, when I closed down my computer, I managed to get through fine-tuning my entire manuscript.
I’m booking in again for another dose of uninterrupted writing time at the end of July. Join me.” Elisabeth Hanscombe


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