A whole new group

Today I’ve hosted my first WriteSpace Retreat in partnership with Writers Victoria and it’s been fantastic.

I’ve met 12 new writers who are busy working on all sorts of projects – lunchtime introductions revealed that we’re in the company of a detective, an accountant and a Human Rights professional (who’s writing crime). We have parents of young children enjoying a rare solid block of time to write and a writer who pledged to read more and swear less in 2016.

Covering all bases and genres, I think if we tallied up the word count of new text, transcriptions from messy notebooks and copy edits we’d have at least one full (and very interesting) manuscript.

Funnily enough I think that this day has been as valuable for me as I hope it has been for my guests. Anything that gets me talking writing and typing again is wonderful. And thanks to my gorgeous partner it’s been pretty good eating as well.

Looking forward to next time and in the meantime, happy writing!