Inspired by volunteers

“And we’re less than 24 hours in and I’m already wowed by the amazing job the volunteers are doing in their gorgeous t-shirts”

Inspired by this tweet from La Drevikovsqueña I’ve been thinking about the team of pink and white pencil-striped MWF15 volunteers. This year I chose to volunteer as a driver so I haven’t been at the venues as much as last year (but I am pretty familiar with the Tullamarine freeway) but when I’ve gone to an event I’m always greeted by huge smiles and an infectious excitement about the session that’s coming up next.

I know that many of you volunteers are writers yourselves and would love to offer you something to add to your goodie bag. No doubt you’ll leave the festival inspired, with plenty of ideas to develop, so this is a call out to you all and an invitation to take up a discount for an upcoming WriteSpace Retreat.

You can read more about the retreats here and comments from previous guests here. It’d be a real pleasure to look after you – please do get in touch if you’d like to know more. Jen


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