Superstitions, coffee and tea

I started drinking coffee because I loved the smell and the sound of the drip percolator. During my university years coffee became an integral part of my morning – along with a few other exam preparation superstitions that included buying the Wise Owl lecture pads and switching from B&H 25s to Kent cigarettes in 20s soft packs – and decades later I still savour a good long black every morning.

While living in London I offended many “baristas” because I believe life’s too short to drink bad coffee. I also developed a preference for Pukkah notepads and imported Artline200 Fine 0.4 pens from Australia (via family visitors) because I couldn’t find a 0.4 felt nib anywhere.

Many writers have routines, superstitions and strong allegiances to stationery items.

Several months ago I added a new beverage to my morning writing routine when I found the Gewurzhaus range of teas and spices. I’m not going to reveal the details but will say that I love the name of this particular tea as much as the taste, and I’m looking forward to sharing it (alongside a signature blend coffee and healthy food) with my WriteSpace guests.

You deserve time to write, and enjoy good tea and coffee.


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